Marc Michaud
Marc Michaud Prospection des Ventes

Montréal, Québec, Canada

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Cold calling customers can be the most difficult step of the sales process, and it is often neglected. The need for this critical service is well known. Hiring an experienced sales professional is the smart thing to do.


  • professional and clear communication
  • assurance of professional campaign done on time
  • exploring new markets without the headache or sales team disruption
  • performing better than your competition
  • increasing your clientele for short-term and long-term profits
  • increasing your top-of-mind visibility
  • updating your database information
  • delegating the cold call task to a specialist
  • fees structured for performance results


"Marc is by far one the most efficient professional I have met so far. He is a man of challenges. Marc was always instrumental in placing me in front of the right decision maker at the right time. The complexity of our products and services were never in the way. One can say that Marc is really a master at generating excellent prospects."

Roger Plourde
President, Intema Solutions Inc.