Marc Michaud
Marc Michaud Prospection des Ventes

Montréal, Québec, Canada

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Telephone prospecting — or cold calling — is normally known as a telemarketing industry function. The tele-prospecting of Marc Michaud straddles both the sales and the marketing functions of a company. The service overlaps the end of marketing efforts and the beginning of sales campaigns.

Every project begins with a consultation in order to:

  • clarify your business objectives
  • study your product or service
  • create a prospecting plan and a telephone conversation

Steps involved in customer solicitation and follow-up include:

  • assessing the customer file (CRM) in a follow-up campaign
  • clarifing the campaign objectives
  • updating the promotional script
  • obtaining lists of targeted customers, by industry or geographic area
  • performing solicitation and follow-up calls
  • delivering campaign reports and analysis


"Marc’s keen marketing sense and thorough knowledge of the internet help our team look well beyond our own home growth marketing efforts. Either directly performing the task, or leading us through a project Mark was the consummate professional."

Peter Hanna
President – Advanced Dynamics